SAS Managed Services

"The management of our business-critical systems in SAS is knowledge-intensive. Often there are continuity risks due to the dependence on certain people. Through our partnership with OCS Consulting, we can guarantee specialist expertise and knowledge sharing. This allows us to concentrate, as much as possible, on the business return of our analytics platform,” says Marco Zanting, Manager IT&C Application Services at de Volksbank. 

What is it?

SAS Managed Services is our solution that facilitates the management and maintenance of your organisation’s SAS systems, so that you may concentrate more on your critical business functions. We provide complete relief from the day-to-day maintenance and support of your SAS environment.

For whom is it?

Many organisations look for ways to alleviate their daily IT activities and to focus on their business missions. With the introduction of new technologies and new forms of communication, IT and support teams need to collaborate even more closely to continue to support the existing IT infrastructure. This is often expensive and complex.

OCS Consulting offers a guarantee on the continuity of your SAS environment.

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