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Large National Bank

Development of advanced custom functionality on the customer’s SAS-platform to automate, monitor and control a process for submitting metadata definitions.

  • A manual, error-prone process to submit metadata definitions to the bank’s central data dictionary was automated.
  • Development of a workflow as specified by the customer.
  • Custom functionality such as daily e-mail summaries and logging.
  • Project management and functional design provided by OCS.
  • Technology: SAS Workflow Studio, SAS Business Data Network.

The software allows the bank to regain tight control over their metadata definitions.

Leading Insurance Organisation

Development of several bespoke web applications for the SAS Information Delivery Portal. Projects include:

  • Creating a dynamic SAS OLAP cube viewer
  • Implementing integrated security (including Microsoft SharePoint)
  • Creating Insurance benchmark reports
  • Online Data Entry application
  • Technology: SAS 9.4, Information Delivery Portal, Bespoke web applications using HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, DI Studio

The system is being actively used by the members of the Insurance Association.

Leading International Bank

Support and maintenance of the SAS environment.

  • A SAS environment has been set up in order to support a Technical support service containing 2nd line help-desk, technical maintenance and support
  • Technology: SAS 9.2, CRMB, RMFB, DI Server, Enterprise Guide

A service level agreement, containing pro-active maintenance, help-desk support on category 1-3 problems, out-of-hours support, monitoring and reporting on the SAS environment and ad-hoc additional technical service.

Financial Institution

Migration of the client's SAS "Self-Service" environment from SAS 9.13 to SAS 9.3 bit.

  • Technical and functional migration of the client's "self-service" production environment, used by 10 different departments within the organisation. The system was mainly used for period reporting during which the environment was "frozen" for a number of weeks. The approach was to install the new SAS environment on a new system and then migrate department by department using "trial migrations". During the project several "quick wins" were identified and added to the project scope as change requests.
  • Technology: SAS 9.1.3 32 bit W2003, SAS BI Server, Enterprise Guide (Citrix client), SAS 9.3 64 bit W2008R2.

The migration was successfully completed with less than 10% overrun in duration, within budget and before the deadline.

A service level agreement, containing pro-active maintenance, help-desk support on category 1-3 problems, out-of-hours support, monitoring and reporting on the SAS environment and ad-hoc additional technical service.

Dutch Municipality

Installation of a state-of-the-art SAS Viya environment and migration of SAS9.4 content to Viya.

  • Viya platform installed based on client’s architecture requirements
  • Enterprise Guide projects and Visual Analytics Reports were successfully migrated to Viya.
  • Implementation of security settings on reports and data.
  • Project management provided by OCS.

The new environment is fully operational and all content was successfully migrated.

Leading Health Insurance Provider

Support and maintenance of the SAS environment.

  • Within this Logistics organisation the SAS environment is used as a BI reporting tool using SAS Web report studio. The data preparation is executed using SAS Enterprise Guide and SAS Batch jobs
  • Technology: SAS 9.2, Enterprise Guide, WRS.

OCS Consulting supports the BI department with the monitoring of batch jobs, generating the DataMart and creating web reports.

European Parking Services Provider

Installation of the SAS foundations and Visual Analytics.

  • Client wanted to give access to their external customers via web through SAS Visual Analytics. As SSO was already set up, a fall-back authentication needed to be configured in order for external users to be able to authenticate. Also configuration on external access to both SAS Visual Analytics Viewer and Transportation Services (for IPad) required.
  • Technology: SAS 9.4 foundations, Visual Analytics 6.3 SMP.

A fully operational SAS Visual Analytics environment with customer requirements is in place.

Leading Financial Services Organisation

Migration of the client's SAS environment from SAS 9.2 to SAS 9.3.

  • The migration project included the migration of a complete DTAP street and a "self-service" production environment. The project was executed in several stages, migrating D, T, A, P and Self-service. Using this approach, most issues would be encountered and resolved in the Development environment, thereby minimizing required downtime on the production and self-service environment.
  • Technology: SAS 9.2 64 bit W2k8/Unix, BI Server, Enterprise Miner, App-V clients, SAS 9.3 64 bit.

The migration was successfully completed on time and within budget. OCS Consulting will undertake the next migration project from SAS 9.3 to SAS 9.4.

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