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At OCS, we give our employees the opportunity to carve their own path.  We will regularly assess the skills, experience, performance and ambitions of our employees to help them work out where they want to go and how best to get there.  We are always there to help our employees cope with the demands of working in IT consultancy, and reap benefits both financial and intellectual.  We pride ourselves on fostering an encouraging an open environment, where people are approachable and all voices are heard.

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Louella Schoemacher

Fatima: “During my master’s thesis, I worked with data reports on medicines and found that to be very interesting. After finishing, I wanted to expand my knowledge on data analysis. At the OCS Life Sciences Boot Camp I learned about the basic concepts and options of SAS. I appreciated the presence of peers who started together with me on this journey. But also the help that was offered by others at the office. I have obtained my SAS certificates and really enjoy applying my knowledge in challenging projects. So far, this is a great experience!”


Full Stack Web Developer

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SAS Business Intelligence

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SAS Administrator

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SAS Data Integration Specialist

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SAS Business Intelligence Specialist

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SAS Platform Installation Expert

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