Martin Oberndorfer


My name is Martin, 29 years old and I am one of the consultants at OCS Consulting. I grew up in the south of Germany and I completed my MSc in Business Informatics in my hometown Landshut. During this time, I worked as a service desk agent for a manufacturer of brewing systems. While spending some time in Auckland, New Zealand for an internship a couple of years ago, I met my Dutch girlfriend and eventually moved to Eindhoven in 2015. This is also when I started my career at OCS.

After making acquaintance with the tricks of the trade in the world of SAS, I was very excited to gather some experience in the field. Looking back at the last 2,5 years I think it was a great approach to first join and assist other consultants at client assignments and then gradually increase my responsibilities up to a degree where I found myself to be the project lead. Being a consultant means experiencing a lot of different situations – but with every one of them you have the chance to combine your experience with new information and to master new challenges.

In my free time, I enjoy traveling to exotic places and vibrant cities and expand my horizon. Another passion of mine is sports and I enjoy watching football matches of my favourite club FC Bayern Munich or NBA games just as much as going outside for a run myself or playing an occasional match of football or basketball with my friends. Furthermore, I am always up-to-date on the latest smartphone news and trends.

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