Kenneth Blokland


My name is Kenneth and I am the Managed Services Lead at OCS Consulting. After completing my BSc in Business Informatics I had several jobs in IT, from Servicedesk Manager at an Internet Service Provider through System Administrator at a Global HR Services Company to IT Consultant at Oracle. This job lasted for 10 years in which I was often away from home, traveling around the globe.

In the year that I’m now working for OCS Consulting I got to know OCS as a great company to work for. And yes, one would easily say that about the company they work for, however here every achievement is a team effort and the focus is on recognising one’s true potential and create an opportunity to use the best capabilities of that person to the fullest.

I’m still shaping the Managed services department and work together with our clients to set it up in such a way that our efforts do best serve their needs.

In my spare time I like to travel to places not overcrowded by tourists. During the festival season I love to visit (Latin) Festivals. My love for Latin dances began when I first started to take Salsa lessons 20 years ago, which eventually ended up in teaching Samba to a class of around 12 people for a short period. Furthermore, I like fishing, visit museums, attending quantum mechanics lectures and do voluntary work.

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