Julia Di Russo

​Julia Di Russo

My name is Julia Di Russo, 24 years old, and I am the most recent graduate of the SAS Boot Camp of OCS Consulting. I have completed my MSc in Data Science at Tilburg University in 2017 after completing a Pre-Master Communication and Information Sciences at Tilburg University in 2016.

I left the very sunny south of France about 3 years ago and I have been living in several parts of the Netherlands since. I contemplated coming to the Netherlands after meeting my Dutch boyfriend in Manchester, and I took the step after finishing my Bachelor, when I found my first full-time job as a Business Development specialist in Eindhoven.

During this commercial experience, I realised that I really enjoyed helping clients with their data and their analytical reports and so a year later I decided to do a Master in Data Science at Tilburg University. I always loved the idea of consultancy, building a relationship with the clients and at the same time being able to provide them with valuable information about their data. The SAS Boot Camp of OCS Consulting provided me with the exact combination I was looking for and I am now learning how to program efficiently, analyse data and design insightful data visualizations using SAS 9.

Next to my current position at OCS Consulting, I am also learning how to train my first horse using performance horsemanship techniques. Whether it is in my free time or in my professional life, I love learning, facing new challenges and I truly believe that OCS is a great place to work for anyone who wants to participate in interesting projects while continuously improving their technical skills.

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